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Every project is an opportunity for mutual learning.

Our clients are also our partners. 

Our shared learning enables us to tailor our approach to fit your unique needs.


Below are some of our recent collaborations

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devon digital accelerator

Change management: Implementation of online consultation into general practice

UXC provided the change management programme and research evaluation, as learning reports, to the Devon NHS STP.

This supported rapid implementation of the online consultation digital service transformation.

Subsequently, this provided support to the national change programme during COVID 19. 

This project is nominated for multiple awards.

dorset health WSA Project

Innovation Research: Dorset Whole Schools Approach evaluation and learning report

UXC provided a county-wide evaluation of the Whole Schools Approach (WSA) innovation funding strategy taken by Dorset Public Health. 

This encompassed a full scale process of evaluation, learning guide and a regional webinar to all stakeholders.



Digital Solution Development 

The rapid development of a full mental health service with a digital front door to support NHS staff's wellbeing at work initially in response to Covid 19 and its impact on NHS workers.  

We are partnered with the NHS wellbeing taskforce and the Laura Hyde Foundation charity. 

Offering in excess of 4,000 sessions of support per week as of September 2020.

Risk communication in neurology services (NIHR)

Research for Patient Benefit :NIHR grant

Working in partnership with Exeter University, this is an 18-month NIHR funded project to explore how to improve communication about risk between clinicians and people with epilepsy attending NHS clinics. 

The project applies conversation analysis, a specialist method of revealing how communication works, to explore how different phrases affect how information is received and communicated.

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primary care optimisation programme

Change management: Primary Care Digital Optimisation Programme

Provision of our change management services as a regional programme to over 120 NHS teams, across the whole of Devon.


The programme includes regional conferences, leadership coaching to support change capability and educational assets for all of the teams.

GP TeamNet

Digital Health: Learning evaluation and implementation guidelines development for Primary Care software solution

Working with a regional implementation programme to evaluate the journey and learning following 18 months of implementation work with GP TeamNet. 

From this work, implementation guidelines were produced to support the NHS national spread.

Image by Diego PH
association for coaching.png

NHS covid 19 support:

coaching approacH

 Training approach design and provision for 1,000+ wellbeing professionals 

A co-developed a training approach to upskill coaches and therapists in order to support NHS needs during COVID working conditions. 


To date, over 1,000 coaches have been trained. 

The approach was accredited by the Association for Coaching.

Coaching selection framework

Development of a nationally relevant key skills framework to aid the selection of coaching professionals to support staff in medical contexts where trauma is a risk.

Working with multiple-stakeholders to research and develop a key skills framework and a selection tool to support the recruitment of coaching professionals to a key role.

The tool was used to select 500 coaches from a pool of over 2,000 applicants and was endorsed by all national coaching bodies.



Digital Solution development : Epilepsy Risk

Reduction App

Working with academic, charity and health partners we led the research and development of the epilepsy risk reduction App EpSMon. 

EpSMon was demonstrated to have a significant real-world impact.

EpSMon has won significant national and international awards and is commissioned by the NHS.


Digital Health : Learning evaluation and implementation guidelines development for Primary Care software solution

Working with a regional implementation programme to evaluate the journey and learning, following 18 months of implementation work with Ardens. 

Implementation guidelines were produced to support national NHS Spread.


ACE mobile

Digital Solution development : Dementia assessment tool

Working with multiple stakeholders to co-lead the research and development of the dementia assessment tool, ACEmobile. 


The tool has been internationally successful and widely commissioned, with numerous publications. 


This project won an HSJ award for improving NHS service efficiency via Technology

Problem solving in court

University of Plymouth and Plymouth Crown Court Service: Research and dissemination consultancy. 

Working with the University of Plymouth, a study was undertaken using conversation analysis to explore how ‘problem-solving sessions’ provided during court procedures, might help to identify wider life concerns that might lead people to repeatedly offend.  The project provided an example of how research-based learning could be transformed into meaningful training for the professionals involved.

Image by Tran Mau Tri Tam

THE open university

Inducting Online Learners onto Higher Education Courses

This project involved the development of recommendations for international distance learning induction programmes:

sub-contracted by the Open University

MDT's IN action BOOK

(multi-disciplinary teams)

Published book compiling multiple research and consultancy projects focused on improving team interactions and communication

Cordet Smart was the lead author on this book that brought together multiple research studies, as well as considering the ethics and developing the foundations for an interaction-based intervention to improve interprofessional team working.


The book was developed collaboratively, bringing together multiple authors in order to produce a clear and accessible text for academics, clinicians and others interested in innovative approaches to understanding teamwork.

cordet book cover.jpg




MDT's In Action

Research and Consultancy Project:

An exploration of how manager meetings work.

An exploration of how manager meetings work.

A study and workshops of meeting talk and management to help to improve team relationships

MDT's In Action

Research and Consultancy Project

Conversation Analysis based training in psychological safety in NHS teams

An exploration of how psychological interaction is managed in talk, with training around helpful phrases to use to generate a supportive context


Support Group


Image by Dylan Gillis


MDT's in Action

Research and Consultancy Project

How to discuss risk in teams

Various projects working with teams to analyse communications and identify practical suggestions of how managers and team members can enable more honest discussion and analysis of risk

MDT's in action

Research and Consultancy Project: 

Patient advocacy in intellectual disability healthcare teams

Analysis of how patients are ‘advocated for’ when they are absent, and how this can be used to develop and change decision making about patient care.  Including individual team analysis and workshops. MDTsInAction​



Social network concept




Digital Health:

Learning evaluation for Primary Care digital solution

Working with a regional implementation programme to evaluate the journey and learning, following 2 years of implementation work with Connect.

Implementation guidelines were produced to support national NHS Spread.

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