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Innovate &


Public Sector Programme / Project Managers:

'Innovate & Accelerate' is an innovation and change acceleration programme designed to transform any change programme into a psychologically safe environment where growth happens.

Developed out of years of research, working across networks of teams and entire regions - to understand what needs can be trained and what needs require psychological growth.  

We are specialist in both and have blended them into a programme that can be added into existing  organisation and project management structures - to complement and support rapid development.

programme features


Executive coaching.

Team insights research.

Wellbeing support.

PM reflective space support.

Innovation methods training.


Change capable training.


Change agent coaching.


Leadership training.

Psychological Safety / Teaming experiential interventions.

Organisational Psychology consultancy.

Team training.


Innovation data methods (feedback not evaluation).

Project management compatible appraoches.

QI methods and reporting.

Quantiative / Qualitative Analysis.


Maintenance models development and training.

Policy, training, manuals and other media outputs.

Peer-review publication options.

Change leader identification and training.

System recommendations.

embedded learning

PDSA cycle UXC

We work with you to understand how your change programme can deliver and learn at pace.  

Our Plan Do Study Act model is based on robust innovation methods and our own extensive research across many teams - resulting in a change model and methods that deliver a ROI.

what we can help with

We support staff and organisations with needs including:

- digital change

- wellbeing culture change

- innovation challenges

- system updates or replacements

- service evaluations and developments

our methods

We are a team of Chartered Psychologists. Our work is supported by advanced clinical and organisation training in: 

- Psychological / Psychometric assessment.

- Innovation research methods.

- Coaching and Systems support interventions.

- Advanced workshop facilitation.

- Quantitative analysis (from statistical summaries to modelling)

- Qualitative analysis (from thematic to conversational analysis)

- Ethics applications 

- Peer review research methods and write up.

- QI methodologies

Beyond practical skills, we are also specialists in advanced Psychological understanding and interventions, including:

- mindfulness

- gestalt psychology (groups)

- acceptance and commitment therapy

- psychological barriers to change

- engagement psychology

- organisational psychology

Image by Jannis Lucas

why uxc?

Our experience is broad, representing the mixed skills and experience of our team of specialists - including:

- service evaluation and development (over 100+ delivered).

- innovation research and delivery (multi-award winning).

- evidenced-based methods

- repeated NHS contracts

- experience supporting change projects at all scales (up to £2.5 million budgets).

- recognised acceleration specialists (NHS Innovation Accelerator Alumni).

Public Sector Programme / Project Managers:

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