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wellbeing services

We can provide you with Chartered Psychology services that include:

Individual support (coaching and/or therapy)

Training for leaders and teams.

Organisational development.

Needs-based research.

Scale-up and maintenance support of solutions.

it’s that psychological safety for someone to lead an intense project, and still come out sane at the other end. 

Clinical lead after UXC coaching


working with UXC made me realise how as a more rounded person  I could be more effective, I think

Managerial lead after UXC change capability programme

It’s made me look at other areas of my work life and think about what I can do to make this more sustainable and imagine myself in this role in ten year’s time  

Practice manager after UXC coaching


services for individuals

We have extensive experience and training in mental and physical health recovery Psychology - for leaders and team members.

Chartered Psychologists with experience in clinical health issues, rehabilitation and returning to work.

Our individual wellbeing services can all be seen in our interventions platform - aim-you.

what we can help with

We support staff and organisations with needs including:

- stress management / burnout

- resilience strategies

- proactive wellbeing initiatives

- psychological safety

- crisis processing

- rehabilitation

- grief

- small to large scale organisations

our methods

We are a team of Chartered Psychologists. Our work is supported by advanced clinical and organisation training in: 

- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

- Mindfulness

- Acceptance and Commitment Therapies

- Solution Focussed interventions

- Systemic Therapy

- Gestalt Coaching

- Executive Coaching

- Organisational Psychology

- Advanced clinical and organisation research methods

services for teams & organisations

As advanced wellbeing practitioners, we can offer a range of programmes or a bespoke solution to your wellbeing needs.  These can include:

- needs-based assessment, formulation and intervention proposal

- training for leaders and teams (experiential and growth based).

- Psychological processing support, to enable growth past crisis.

- pre-built wellbeing programmes for individuals or groups of staff.

- pre and post-intervention research.

Our most recent programme - 'leading through COVID' has enabled numerous teams to quickly understand leading change alongside wellbeing and team enablement.

wellbeing model
Image by Ander Burdain

why uxc?

We are a multi-award winning team of Chartered Psychologists with experience across all sectors.

We lead one of the largest national wellbeing charity programmes ( - providing wellbeing support nationally to thousands of healthcare workers.

We have trained over 1,000 coaches and therapists in wellbeing support approaches and continue to support the supervision of 100s of wellbeing practitioners, nationally.

We are healthcare professionals registered with the HCPC and British Psychology Society - we also have lifetime membership with the Association of Coaching.

We lead national clinical research funded by the NIHR and deliver services that meet the highest clinical governance standards - for wellbeing.

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