We provide advanced and theory-driven formulation and solution creation services for key issues in your organisation.

Creating complex understandings of how your organisation works and synthesizing this knowledge into practical solutions that you can adopt.

UXC started to unpick probably a decade of complicated relationships within our team... that was really, really powerful, and caused a few tears, but that has actually been fairly transformational

Team leader after UXC coaching


 The programme reminded us that communication is key to working with both clinical and admin teams, to engage all the team for learning.

Team lead taken through our change capability programme

what we can help you with

We help organisations through pain points or towards new horizons, including:

- Change management.

- Leading through crisis.

- Staff / team cultures.

- Selection strategies.

- Staff engagement and/or retention.

- Wellbeing cultures and strategies.

- Innovation methods and learning.

- Teaming issues or aspirations.

- Leadership development and growth

- Diversity and equality.

........... and more

Many of our approaches are programmes - whilst all of our is adapted to you and is often developed for the needs of clients, reflecting the uniqueness of you.

Psychological safety and teaming commission for 20 GP Practices

Conversation analysis and intervention with Complex Multi-Disciplinary NHS Teams

Regional EcoSystem development co-leadership

our methods

Seriously, too many to list... but our qualifications include:

- PhD Behavioural Economics.

- Doctorate Clinical Psychologist.

-     Doctorate Qualitative Research

- Organisational Psychology

-   Systems Theory

- Advanced Diploma in Coaching

... and more

UXC skills matrix


Our service offers can include:

- Clinical & Organisational Psychology support into wellbeing strategies.

- Advanced research supporting insight and culture development.

- Executive and Psychological coaching for leaders and teams.

- Psychometric assessments to support selection, development and insights.

- Qualitative research to unearth hidden cultures.

- Conversational analysis and team interaction interventions.

- Training around many OD themes.

- Change capability training.

We are proud of the impact we create and our feedback often includes the statement, "like nothing we have experienced before".

Image by Matteo Vistocco

why uxc?

We bring a deep sense of Psychological feeling and scientific insight to our work.

In essence, we do the heavy lifting for teams - enabling your growth through experiential learning.

More than Psychologists.

More than Coaches 

More than Researchers.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.