Psychological coaching 

We enable the most powerful tools from clinical practice to have mainstream effectiveness through the active ingredients in coaching.

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what we do

Our coaching platform aim-you is built to provide a range of coaching options for leaders, teams and organisations.

Linking your need to our tried and tested methods of effecting positive change for our clients.

We have experience of delivering coaching to teams of 5 up to the scale of 2,500 hours a week.

We build a solution around your needs


Delivering 5,000+ hours of wellbeing support a week provided to support health/care teams across the UK - including training 1,000 + coaching/wellbeing providers

Providing coaching to 140 teams in the SW of England (NHS)

Leadership coaching testimonials and evidence reports.

what people say 


the coaching’s been very good... it’s allowing me that psychological safety to explore why for instance it’s going wrong, and then start sorting it

Clinical lead after UXC coaching

I feel like I’m on a road to working through some things that that would definitely make me more effective as a leader and as a project manager.

Project manager after UXC coaching

I’d had enough you know ...that contact with the coach  just to  voice those words- to say you know I can’t do this anymore it was a relief 

Manager after UXC coaching


Leadership | Team | Change Coaching


Vertical Development


Burnout | Recovery 



and more...

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