We enable the most powerful tools from clinical practice to have mainstream effectiveness through the active ingredients in coaching.

what others say

the coaching’s been very good... it’s allowing me that psychological safety to explore why for instance it’s going wrong, and then start sorting it

Clinical lead after UXC coaching

I feel like I’m on a road to working through some things that that would definitely make me more effective as a leader and as a project manager.

Project manager after UXC coaching

I’d had enough you know ...that contact with the coach  just to  voice those words- to say you know I can’t do this anymore it was a relief 

Manager after UXC coaching

what we can help with

Our passion is people and our impact is broad:

- wellbeing issues

- health recovery

- leadership development / growth

- vertical development

- team development / growth

- training packages

- organisation-wide solutions

services for teams & organisations

As Practitioner Psychologists, we can create and adapt solutions to fit any organisational need.  Some of these may include:

- scale-up support

- innovation and change acceleration

- mental health / wellbeing solutions / training

- dysfunctional team issues

- Psychological safety facilitation

- wellbeing culture creation

- engagement creation

... and more

We aim to introduce the complexity of our approach via engaging and experiential workshops.  

We provide growth, beyond training.

services for individuals

Our individual services are extensive and so are provided via our sister portal, 'aim-you'.  

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our methods

We are a team of Chartered Psychologists. Our work is supported by advanced clinical and organisation training in: 

- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

- Mindfulness

- Acceptance and Commitment Therapies

- Solution Focussed interventions

- Systemic Therapy

- Gestalt Coaching

- Executive Coaching

- Organisational Psychology

- Advanced clinical and organisation research methods

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why uxc?

We are a multi-award winning team of Chartered Psychologists with experience across all sectors.

We lead one of the largest national wellbeing charity programmes ( - providing wellbeing support nationally to thousands of healthcare workers.

We have trained over 1,000 coaches and therapists in wellbeing support approaches and continue to support the supervision of 100s of wellbeing practitioners, nationally.

Our evidence from 100s of teams shows very high satisfaction, improved innovation rates, reduced stress, increased engagement and improved staff retention... no name a few outcomes.

We have provided at all scales from 2 hr workshops per week up to 2,500 coaches sessions per month.


Delivering 5,000+ hours of wellbeing support a week provided to support health/care teams across the UK - including training 1,000 + coaching/wellbeing providers

Providing coaching to 140 teams in the SW of England (NHS)

Leadership coaching testimonials and evidence reports.