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Why choose psychologists?

Our collective group of Psychologists are specialists to the highest standards (Doctoral qualifications and real-world impact) in leading and delivering on all the service areas we offer.

Psychologists are also Chartered Professionals, representing many years of training, assessed real world performance and continued development.

Our work meets the standard of national registering bodies, making us accountable to meet evidence based methods and to be transparent in our working approaches.

What expertise do UXC offer?

There really isn't an elevator pitch that summarises our skillset range. 

Our skills are represented in the matrix below.  In all areas, we are world experienced and qualified as Chartered Psychologists at the level of PhD and/or Clinical Doctorate.


Matrix less words

our real world experience

Our experience is broad and impactful:

- 20+ years of relevant experience

- Multi-award winning innovation specialists (digital and research)

- Award winning national wellbeing providers (

- Lead Researcher roles in numerous institutions

- Authors and grant winners (over £2.5million)

- Supported over 100 public sector evaluations

- Supported over 150 teams with development (coaching / psychology)

- Supported 1,000s of individuals

- Facilitated workshops of all sizes (5 up to 100s of attendees).

- Trained over 1,000 wellbeing practioners.

- Nationally recognised innovation leaders.

We blend 20 years of Psychology research and practice experience with our own innovation success experience

Innovation | People | Expertise

The Leadership TEAM 


Dr. Craig Newman- CEO

Clinical Psychologist / Behavioural Economist

Craig is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist with 23 years’ experience in supporting transformation and personal growth. Combining academic knowledge and real-world experience, he has an additional PhD in Human Decision Making and extensive experience in innovation, team leadership, and implementation. 

Craig is an experienced therapist and coach with expertise in pain management, neuropsychology and disabilities. He has worked in both the private and public sector, most recently providing NHS leadership and teams coaching. He is a specialist in executive stress and development.

He is an award-winning innovator within the digital health sector, creating and co-creating a range of digital solutions that have gone on to improve the lives of both NHS staff and patients. Most recently he was the driving force behind Project5 a free wellbeing service he set up to support NHS staff during the COVID pandemic.

Craig is passionate about helping individuals, teams, and organisations to not just cope with change but succeed and flourish, enabling people to make change work for them and ensuring that people’s wellbeing is at the heart of an effective workforce.

Craig is a HPC Registered and Regulated Clinician and is BPS Registered.


Associate Professor Cordet Smart- Research Director, Organisational Psychologist and Multi-Disciplinary Teams Specialist.

Cordet is a specialist in clinical psychology/organisational research solutions. With extensive methodological expertise, both qualitative and quantitative, she is able to rapidly develop innovative solutions to provide quality insights into organisational contexts, for example through evaluation of interventions, organisational re-designs, or to better understand organisational cultures. 


Cordet brings academic rigor with extensive publications to applied settings where she has had multiple successes in affecting change and working directly with organisations.  In this way, she can provide a unique opportunity to bridge theory and practice.


Cordet holds a PhD in social psychology, has training in organisational psychology, combined with leading and completing an extensive research and development programme on interprofessional team working (MDTsInAction).   She can provide detailed consultation on key areas of organisational practice, including leadership and team development, selection and recruitment, and change management.  She is trained in psychological testing and can offer personality-informed development consultations to facilitate individuals in re-forming connections with their work, or in career development.

Lisa Hartill- Senior Psychologist, Project Manager and Tendering Lead

Lisa is a Senior Psychologist specialising in qualitative research and analysis. 

Having spent most of her career as an educator working in secondary and adult education, specialising in Art and Design, Lisa changed direction and studied Psychology at Plymouth University, gaining a 1st class Hons degree.

Lisa brings her knowledge and experience of working within a broad range of educational settings and communicating effectively with a range of learners at all levels and abilities.  She has worked with adults with learning disabilities, acquired physical disability, and mental health needs. She also has experience training peers at both one to one and conference level.

Lisa also helps to market UXC's vision in collaboration with Craig and Cordet and is the tendering lead for UXC.


The Psychology Group

We are networked with a range of affiliates and collaborators who are brought in to support projects, based on need.  

All Chartered Psychologists.

All sector experienced.



Fascinated with how people & teams succeed...

UXC provides a blend of experience research, guided team intervention, and elite coaching to ease the challenge of implementing change in complex organisations.

Led by Clinical, Organisational and Research Psychologists, we have over 20 years of experience in leading innovation, assessing process efficacy, and designing valuable interventions.

Our unique approach analyses how your organisation functions and identifies the dynamics that are enabling or sabotaging successful cohesive teams. The learning we unearth allows us to devise real-time interventions to impact change projects as they are underway.

This innovative methodology inspires positive and productive patterns of leadership and team working which support sustainability and large-scale spread.

We have worked with a wide range of organisations on bespoke transformation solutions in the public sector, corporate and academic settings.

​Whether you need support at board level, to strengthen a project group or to forge geographically split teams, our methods are tried, tested, and proven.

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