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UXC includes specialists in:


conversation analysis,

usability research,

organisational psychology, behavioural economics,

intervention evaluation,

quality improvement.

By specialists - we mean PhDs, published papers and award-winning real-world impact - in all of these areas.


Our experience in research methods development equips us in being able to design a research approach that meets your needs.

We create robust approaches that stand up to peer-review and the ROI needs of your organisation.


All of our methods are linked to real-world successes in:

Software development

Engagement strategy

Large-scale evaluation

Team evaluation

Spread models

Theory creation

what we can help with

We support staff and organisations with needs including:

- organisational development strategy

- innovation needs and methods

- engagement / retention

- efficacy and process evaluation assessments

- implementation theory creation to support the maintenance of change

- evaluation of interventions/programmes within organisations

- software design support (esp eHealth)

- quality improvement initiatives

What outputs you can get

Our research enables you to achieve:

- product design based on Psychology and research

- policy change to support culture change

- recommendations for training/interventions

- organisational consultancy based on robust insights

- blueprints

- spreadable learning

- evidenced outputs and relevant learning

- accelerated innovation

applied academia

With our background in research and clinical work, we are experienced in publishing-  

from academic papers and books to our blogs and articles.

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why uxc?

Our success in terms of awards, publications and national grants for research are our badge of honour and credibility.

We bring the highest standards of Psychological research methodology and interpretation to all of our work.

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recent successes

NHS Primary Care COVID Response blueprint (national)

NHS national wellbeing service rapid evaluation and learning research model (COVID response)

Publication: Conversation analysis in multi-disciplinary teams

Deep diving is our specialist skill set.

We deliver research skills at PhD level, into every project we support.

From single person through to organisation, we are passionate believers in the added value of robust research.


embedded learning

PDSA cycle UXC

Whilst we can create snapshot insights to support solutions, we can also embed research into cycles of learning and change.  Supported by our accelerate approaches.