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Specialist Team / Business Development Options

By specialists, we mean that we have doctorates, national impact projects, authored books, research and real-world experience.

Staff Development Training

Equip Your Staff with the skills to acheive:

Optimal Teamwork and Team Culture 

Great Communication & Interpersonal Skills

Personal and team resilience & mental health

Image by John Schnobrich
Image by Jason Goodman
Image by Clay Banks

Training Options
(Full or Half Day options available - in person/remote)

Teamwork & Culture

Engage your team with a team vision

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Experience Work-life Harmony: 1-Day Work-life Balance Workshop

Leadership Skills

Activate Your Team: 1-Day Essential Coaching Skills for Leaders Workshop

Teamwork & Culture

Reduce Hot Reactions: 1-Day Emotional Intelligence Workshop

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Support Your Team: 1-Day Mental Health Awareness Training

Teamwork & Culture

Establish Workplace Positivity: 1-Day Positive Psychology Workshop

Teamwork & Culture

Team work and collaboration

Communication & Interpersonal

The Power of Diversity: Diversity and Inclusion Workshop

Communication & Interpersonal

Optimise Team Relations: 1-Day Effective Communication Workshop

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Boost Team Resilience: 1-Day Resilience Building Workshop

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Managing Workplace Stress Workshop

it’s that psychological safety for someone to lead an intense project, and still come out sane at the other end. 

Clinical lead after UXC coaching


working with UXC made me realise how as a more rounded person  I could be more effective, I think

Managerial lead after UXC change capability programme

It’s made me look at other areas of my work life and think about what I can do to make this more sustainable and imagine myself in this role in ten year’s time  

Practice manager after UXC coaching

Image by Ander Burdain

why uxc?

We are a multi-award winning team of Chartered Psychologists with experience across all sectors.


We've trained 1,000s of people across sectors and worked with 100s of teams.

We are Chartered and Specialists in:

  • Occupational Psychology

  • Clinical Psychology

  • Behavioural Economics

  • Executive Coaching

  • Team Coaching


and more...

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