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Who is it for?

    - Small businesses seeking to foster a more inclusive, supportive workplace.

    - Teams striving for higher emotional intelligence and well-being.

    - Companies committed to reducing absenteeism and improving team morale.

    - Visionary leaders valuing mental well-being as a driver of success.

Workshop Content

    - Immediate Insights: Gain a deep understanding of common mental health issues.

    - Recognise Signs: Learn to identify and address signs of mental distress.

    - Open Conversations: Reduce stigma and encourage open dialogues about mental health.

    - Resources for Support: Equip your team with resources to seek help and provide support.

    - Empathetic Communication: Master the art of supportive and empathetic communication.

    - Positive Work Environment: Cultivate a workplace that values mental well-being.

    - Sustained Benefits: Benefit from long-term positive effects on team morale and performance.
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Uplift your team, enhance productivity, and prioritise mental well-being in just one day. Join our "Mental Health Awareness Training" workshop, tailored for small businesses. Create a happier, more supportive workplace today.

Support Your Team: 1-Day Mental Health Awareness Training

Evidenced Methods
Proven Impact
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Potential ROI (What Benefits Businesses/Teams Can Get)

Invest in your team, for potential returns including:

    - Enhanced Team Morale: A happier, more motivated team that excels.

    - Improved Productivity: Reduced distractions and higher output.

    - Lower Turnover: Higher employee retention and reduced recruitment costs.

    - Positive Culture: Foster a more supportive, understanding workplace.

    - Financial Savings: Decreased absenteeism and healthcare expenses.

    - Increased Success: Mental well-being as a catalyst for business success.

Book your spot, now!

Elevate your team's well-being with our "Mental Health Awareness Training" designed for small businesses. In just one day, gain essential insights into common mental health issues, learn to recognise signs of distress, and foster open conversations about mental health. Equip your team with resources for support and master empathetic communication. Cultivate a positive work environment and enjoy rapid returns on investment, including improved team morale, productivity, and a more supportive workplace culture.

Why we are a good choice for your team.

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We built and lead the largest healthcare staff charity offer in the UK (  We have facilitated wellbeing 1 to 1 support for 1,000s of staff in the last 12 months alone.

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We have trained 1,000s of wellbeing providers, 100s of teams and led 100s of organisation research projects.  Award winning leaders of innovation and impact, in our own right.

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Our claims are evidence based - which is a condition of our professional status.  We don't inflate our outcomes and we can be trusted!

Hear It from Our Customers

...enabled me to take a step back and look at my work - to understand what I can do to imagine myself sustaining and still in this role in 10 years' time.

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