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specialists in team engagement

Support services for individuals:

better functioning teams

We enable teams and leaders to experience engagement, team connectedness, team appreciation and real world performance gains.

We deliver complex Psychological understanding into insightful interventions that are enjoyable, novel and worthwhile of a team's time.

  • Engaging teams in complex or challenging innovation / change

  • Enabling repairs in fractured teams

  • Creating human connections between team members

  • Revealing the diversity of teams for better team working

  • and more...

Our proven programmes


Safe Teams during Difficulty

Learn how to work as a team, through challenge or crisis.


Engage Your Team

Experience team engagement with culture, innovation, connectedness, team repair and/or communication.


Team Wellbeing

For teams who are experiencing significant stress, trauma recovery or other wellbeing issues that merit whole team support.

our awards

We don't just claim to make a difference. Our impact is proven by our track record

with over 32 awards and nominations for our work.

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Current Nominations (2020 - 2021)

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The UXC approach provided support, safety, encouragement and positive feedback

Operations manager- Primary care

I’m really passionate about my job so for me it’s reinforced that... if I hadn’t looked at things and discussed it with the UXC coach I probably would have gone the other way 

Practice manager- Primary care

Without coaching from UXC there could have been a lot of hidden potential within our team  that wouldn’t be realised.

Leader taken through our change capability programme

our insights

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