We are a team of Chartered Psychologists.

Having dedicated our careers towards facilitating the success of others through understanding challenge and routes to growth.

All of our methods have emerged out of working closely with people and blending our expertise with yours.

Our services fall within 5 categories, with sub-specialties within each.


UXC is Clinical Psychology and Coach led - meaning that we bring the advanced clinical knowledge relating to wellbeing alongside the enablement methods of the coaching sector.

We deliver, research and train in this space at all scales.


Experience your team as a focused, bonded and learning entity.

Organisational, Social, Behavioural and Clinical Psychology approaches blended for impact.

We specialise in creating confidential and trusting spaces.


(S)he who dares, wins.

Being able to dare is the greatest challenge and need in an innovative world.

We succeed by equipping you with change capability and accelerating your rates of innovation.


Published researchers and award winning innovators.

Behavioural economics, usability, engagement, adoption, spread, communication...

We deliver at a level where every solution is bespoke to your need.


Our research is delivered to the standard of pee-review published scientific articles (in fact, you can publish is you choose).

Our outputs meet your need and become a valuable asset, which we never share.


Led the research and design to develop an eHealth App to reduce epilepsy death and NHS rollout strategy.

Award winning project with real world impact and NHS adoption.  

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