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1. Check your leave allowance

2. REquest leave

3. block out availability

Once your leave is pre-confirmed, please return to this page to book your days / half days off using the booking options below.  You have to repeat this for each day of your leave.

This will block the time out of the interview booking system. 

When more than one staff member is available on any date - you will need to select your own name.

Please report any conflicts ASAP (i.e. when an existing booking blocks your leave booking attempt due to a booked interview).

Please Note: Any annual leave not added to this system will be assumed to be unconfirmed.  

Any conflicts will be reallocated to other staff, once reported to your manager.  After this, your leave will be confirmed.

If your booking is successful, without conflicts - it is confirmed (no need for manager confirmation)

For full days - select the first hour of your shift (the only option that will be available)

For Half days - select the first hour (for the morning) or 4 hours later (for the afternoon).  E.g. If you work an 8.30-4.30pm shift, select 8.30am for the morning or 12.30pm for the afternoon.

Annual Leave Full Day
8 hr
Annual Leave half day
4 hr
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