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The UXC aim4teams model

Unique and in-depth Psychological models of team assessment, problem formulation and intervention development / delivery.


An expert tailored solution for your team(s), rather than an ill-fitting one.

aim4teams offers a solution unlike many of our competitors:


We do not rely on 'off the shelf' assessment tools to understand and measure your team - we build a model of your team and develop a change needs model to provide bespoke support that maps onto your team. 

What your team(s) get:

  1. 22 + years experience in Clinical, Organisational and Research Psychology: innovation, change management, team research and behavioural economics.

  2. Progress evaluation & feedback

  3. Team evaluation - multi-level and specialist Psychology approaches

  4. 'Teaming' interventions / coaching:

    • Designed for your team​

    • Theory informed

    • Data driven (evidence from your team)

    • Delivered by high level specialists

    • Performance focused

  5. Intensive support in developing change capability - in the context of innovation challenges.

  6. Optional leadership coaching when indicated as a need.


Improved team cultures capable of united vision working and change via...

  • increased team buy-in

  • trust in the leadership team

  • a willingness to risk experiments

  • increased collaborative working

  • improved interactions within teams

  • increased team skills (innovation and change leadership)

  • heightened awareness of team maintenance methods

  • conflict resolution methods

  • Various reporting options to support project success, spread and sustainability.

We support teams when they are struggling to function and/or when they are facing a change/innovation challenge.


NHS, Corporations and Public Sector.

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