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Deep diving is our forte

We enable deep understanding and learning that empowers

Specialists in all scale change- from a single team to national networks

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insight creation 




UXC includes specialists in conversation analysis, usability, organisational, behavioural economics, intervention, evaluation and quality improvement resaerch.

By specialists - we mean PhDs, published papers and real world impact - in all of these areas.


Our experience in research and methods development equips us in being able to design a research approach that meets your needs.

We create robust approaches that stand up to peer-review and the ROI needs of your organisation.


All of our methods are real-world tested.

Software development

Engagement strategies

Large scale evaluation

Team evaluation

Spread models

Theory creation

recent successes

NHS Primary Care COVID Response blueprint (national)

NHS national wellbeing service rapid evaluation and learning research model (COVID response)

Publication: Conversation analysis in multi-disciplinary teams


our approach

We equip your organisation with the ability to create deep dive learning to support your needs:

  • innovation

  • intervention design

  • product development

  • engagement strategies

  • change management

  • spread project developments

  • blueprinting

and more...

our specialisms

We support small organisations, large organisations and national networks of teams (such as the NHS and education sector) with unique research projects.

We also co-lead NHS NIHR research projects with our unique methods and project management skills.  

We have experience leading research / impact projects with grants in excess of £2m.

our publications

Education Books Bookshelfs

With our background in research and clinical work, we are experienced in publishing-  

from academic papers and books to our blogs and articles.

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Small to Large scale research

Spread Modelling

Theory creation

(for organisational sustainability planning)

Data modelling


Learning capture and reporting

and more...

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