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We partner with CCG programmes to create spaces where learning is rapid, captured and translated into scaleable adoption strategies.


innovation | leadership | spread


aim4teams + change capability + NHS Long Term Plans


UXC Psychology offers a solution unique amongst  our competitors:


We build a model of quality improvement that assesses the progress of the programme as it happens, adapts the project management approach and captures the learning of 'team adaptation' required to underpin scaleable NHS success (blueprints).

Our model is novel and effective - commissioned into large scale SW-NHS CCG innovation in primary care - towards national adoption strategies.

What your project gets:

22 + years experience in Clinical, Organisational and Research Psychology: innovation, change management, team research and behavioural economics.

  • Progress evaluation & feedback

    • monthly learning reports, across your network of practices / clinical teams to inform project management.

    • quarterly learning reports to inform PDSA / logic model approaches (and quarterly NHS reports).

    • project evaluation & learning report - to support spread models and blueprint dissemination.

  • Live accessible progress reporting (hosted online, for project members only).

  • 'Team transformation' interventions / coaching for your 'change agents' is built into the delivery model as a core compontent:

    • Designed for your team​

    • Theory informed

    • Data driven (evidence from your team(s))

    • Delivered by high level specialists

    • Performance focused

  • Intensive support in developing change capability - in the context of innovation challenges.

  • Optional leadership coaching when indicated as a need.

 Additional Outcomes

Improved team cultures capable of united vision working and change via...

  • increased team buy-in

  • trust in the leadership team

  • a willingness to risk experiments

  • increased collaborative working between & within teams

  • improved interactions within teams

  • increased team skills (innovation and change leadership)

  • heightened awareness of team maintenance methods

  • conflict resolution methods

  • whistleblowing support


Click to see - Case study (ongoing & expanding) and sample report

We support you as programme / project managers to deliver commissioned innovation projects which 'feel like a breath of fresh air' (GP, Devon)


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