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Identify goals

Understand how to team

Learn about your team
Build Cohesion
Shape leadership

Genius mapping

Reflect and grow

Internalise the approach

learn2aim your team

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Public Sector Teams & MDTs

Evaluate and optimise your public sector innovation processes, across teams and/or sites.

 NHS & Schools experience

Corporate Teams

High performing teams through insight building and bespoke interventions

Dev Teams

Blending team performance coaching alongside Agile user focused delivery 

learn2aim your team:






Your team wants to successfully implement an innovation / change, whilst learning about and improving how they function.

  • Health services (MDTs, GP networks, wards, community Services)

  • Schools (Boards, School innovation teams, innovation projects)

  • Corporate (Boards, development teams, project teams)

  • Networks (Geographically split teams)

Succeeding through rapid learning and adaptation. 


Look &


We can capture the learning from;

  • Teams receiving your product &/or trying to implement it into a complex sector (e.g. health / schools) 

  • Innovation processes (from leadership to frontline staff)

  • Team function (how your teams communicate with each other)

  • Team Culture (how your teams respond to change, as a social group)

  • Barriers & facilitators of team success


  • Learning emerges out of what we see and hear your teams do (or your target market)

  • Non-intrusive methods that capture how your teams work.

  • We accelerate innovation by prompting team development through group reflection

  • Team dynamics and innovation strategies via personalised team feedback

  • You learn how and why teams respond to and overcome (or not) the challenge of implementation

  • Leaders have insight into team cultures and needs, beyond logistic



  • Bespoke training / team development available for teams that request additional support
    (e.g. power imbalances, fixed dysfunctional communication patterns, burnout, fixed narratives etc).

  • Capacity building workshops (e.g. stress management, evaluation strategies, team communication, routes to scale etc).

  • Optional in built coaching programmes (for teams, leaders or both)