The Learn2aiim Change Management Coach


Finally... An online step by step system to support leadership and team development that fits around busy schedules and split locations

Want to understand how to lead an innovative  team?

We'll show you how to create psychological safety to activate the genius in your team

Whether you are a public sector, corporate or dev team.

If your team implements change or needs to innovate, this is the course you NEED.

The Learn2aiim coaching model has been created out of a combined 40+ years

of advanced applied Psychology experience, including:

  • over 100 teams developed

  • over 4,000 individuals supported 1 to 1

  • published expertise in team interaction analysis (book and research papers)

  • experience leading multi-award winning teams

  • executive and team coaching interventions 

  • Clinical Psychology, Behavioural Economics and Advanced Qualitative Research (all at doctoral level)

  • experience co-leading projects (up to £2.6m budgets), teams and corporate businesses.

We help teams to learn how to solve problems.

Problems like:

How does a leader inspire a team to innovate

How to tackle resistance and fear in the team

How to tackle resistance in a co-leader

What is Psychological safety and how to create it

How to build rapid cohesion

How to identify fractures and repair

How to identify unifying goals

How to create commitment rather than agreement

How to play with change and turn failure into learning

How to build resilience 

How to absorb these skills into a self-coaching team

Does these problems sound familiar?

That's because they were identified from years of experience working with teams and

needing to create solutions into teams.

These interventions are now made available to your team - anywhere and anytime!

So, what do you experience with the

Learn2aiim platform?

The learn 2 accelerate implementation approach (learn2aiim) is our complete step-by-step team coaching system designed to guide your leadership and team towards a psychologically safe innovative structure that accelerates innovation, learning, growth and success.  


This is a replication of the service we provide face-to-face with large scale networks and small businesses, designed for you and your team to work-through within your team meeting environment.

As soon as you enroll, you will get IMMEDIATE access (via username and password) to the ENTIRE platform.


All X modules consisting of over XX lessons  


XX team tasks and printouts

XX deep dive surveys and feedback to inform team reflection tasks

Lifetime membership (you are updated and invited back everytime we add new content)

24/7 global access

Shared learning. We share back with you any new learning we gather about what works for teams

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Enroll now to start your team's journey

towards innovation

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