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We support innovators to expand their understanding of UX to include the challenge of team change

We create
 implementation learning that is replicable, at scale

Adoption | Scale | Commissioning

The UXC ChangeUX Model

UXC ChangeUX is a very specialist service supporting technology innovators who seek to:

  • provide 'spreadable' team adoption frameworks to networks of teams (e.g. health sector or large scale corporations)

  • expand UX research to include the implementation process

  • create cases and strategies for replacing incumbent technologies (e.g. healthcare / corporate commissioning)

  • sell an innovation to a new country based market, on the back of success in another country (e.g. healthcare innovations)

Our methods are flexible to work around Agile development teams - often at the point of evaluation, implementation and/or market transition.


  • De-risked commissioning cases

  • Evidence for healthcare standards (e.g. NICE) in relation to system integration

  • Reduced support costs during large scale implementation

  • Independent evaluation reporting to support value based cases

  • Replicable implementation success across sites

We support innovation to fit team implementation processes and achieve replicable success

NHS, Corporations and Public Sector.