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From business case to successful implementation

Supporting your journey through design and through any scale of implementation.

Meeting your eHealth needs beyond development

Don't get your usability research wrong - else it will cost you users, results and commissioning.

Understanding usability in the context of eHealth is the key to the kingdom.  

Standard approaches to design require adaptation to dovetail into national standards and the particular engagement factors relevant to NHS patients.  

Standard approaches, derived from the corporate sector, often fail to address these nuance differences and suffer low take up or fast disengagement.  

Our approaches are based on 10+ years of clinically embedded eHealth development and usability research - leading to numerous successful solutions.

Create the right evidence-pack to support commissioning / funding​

We have experience at all stages of eHealth and innovation development towards commissioning - including successful NHS commissioning of eHealth and mutliple eHealth development awards.  We are also experienced in grant funding acquisition and management (in excess of £2m).

We are specialists in research methods development for all projects - at the standards needed for your project (from insight development to peer review publications).  

Our experience extends across working with NHS implementation programmes, change leaders, patients and peripheral stakeholders.

eHealth fails if implementation fails - we get it right for you

NHS commissioners are often reluctant to commission new technology due to the risk of implementation failure or the inability to replicate success beyond a pilot site.  Both common outcomes in the NHS.  

UXC are regularly commissioned to support large scale public sector implementation blueprint development / learning extraction for digital technologies / innovations.  

Our learning and understanding around change management, implementation and service adaptation is uniquely valuable for eHealth development companies.

Understanding 'how' to support implementation promotes spread of your innovation and increased ROI.

Keep the competition in the dark​

We offer corporate clients a white label option - never advertising that we supported your work - so that competitors don't chase us for contracts and ultimately share your success.  

As clinicians, we value confidentiality and will never compromise on this - so your learning is yours - this is our promise.

What makes us credible in this space?

We work from a position of understanding:

  • health (20 years+ in healthcare),

  • digital health (10+ years in eHealth R&D),

  • behavioural economics (PhD),

  • usability methods for eHealth (published specialists)

  • commissioning (former NHS digital accelerator & successful commisioning outputs). 

Some of our most popular publications in this area:

Awards we have received in this space, for our own innovations:

  • Health Service Journal (HSJ) Awards (2015): Patient Safety - finalist

  • HSJ Awards (2015): Using Technology to Improve Efficiency - finalist

  • The SUDEP Institute Challenge (USA, 2016) – 1st place winner  ($30,000)

  • British Medical Journal (BMJ) Awards: Neurology (2016) – winner.

  • HSJ Awards (2016): Primary care – finalist

  • HSJ Awards (2016): Specialist services - finalist

  • HSJ Awards (2016): Telehealth - finalist

  • HSJ Patient Safety Awards (2016): Technology and IT to Improve Patient Safety - finalist

  • HSJ Patient Safety Awards (2016): Improving Safety in Primary Care - finalist

  • HSJ Patient Safety Awards (2016): Managing Long-Term Conditions - finalist

  • HSJ Patient Safety Awards (2016): Education and Training in Patient Safety – winner.

  • E-Health Insider Awards (2016): Best use of technology to share information with patients and carers – finalist

  • HSJ Awards (2016): Rising Star Award – finalist.

  • British Medical Journal (BMJ) Awards: Neurology (2016) – winner.

  • Health Business Awards (2017): Healthcare IT Award – winner.

  • British Medical Journal (BMJ) Awards: Innovation (2017) – commendation.

  • HSJ Patient Safety Awards (2018): Innovation in Mental Health – finalist.

  • HSJ Patient Safety Awards (2018): Improving Efficiency in Healthcare with Technology – winner.

  • British Medical Journal (BMJ) Awards: Education Team of the Year (2019) – winner.

  • 2 nominations for 2020 currently.


  • Design and usability development of a clinical dementia assessment App for NHS use - reducing clinical errors in standard practice by 94% (published papers)

  • eHealth usability methods systematic review (published)

  • Design of award winning App to reduce epilepsy deaths (NHS commissioned)

  • Delivery of change management engagement methods of NHS national change programme.

  • Co-development of the online consultation blueprint used during COVID-19 to accelerate implementation.

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