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CCGs / Trusts
(Snr) Programme Managers

NHS Change Leaders
Clinical team leads

Clinical Teams

City Councils

Public sector organisations

Psychological grounding

We enable teams and leaders to create engaging, learning and playful relationships with change management.

Decades of NHS experience, innovation research, leadership and innovation support at the service of your teams



Experiences of change leaders from our support of the Devon Digital Accelerator (2019-2021)

Our awards

Our current nominations

We are currently nominated for the HSJ Workforce Innovation Award 2021, for our project "Evaluation is the Enemy of Innovation: Enabling Rapid Innovation in Primary Care with National Impact".



A change leadership programme developed with NHS teams through indepth research.

Demonstrated innovation speed improvements of 1500% vs none enrolled regional NHS teams.

Demonstrated improved engagement, leadership confidence, staff retention and reduced stress.

Commissioning history at the level of a city (20 teams), regional CCG (120+ teams) and national NHSE team.

Multi-award nominations including 4 x HSJ (all to be announced this year)

Decades of NHS experience, innovation research, leadership and innovation support at the service of your teams


An experienced team of academics and process evaluation specialists.  We can offer:

- process evaluations

- impact capture

- learning capture through to blueprinting

- NHS ethics registered research

- Research towards publication

- Paper writing and journal submissions

Our research skills are advanced and include qualitative and quantitative research methods.

We have experience in supporting the delivery of over 100+ NHS service evaluations.

Enabling teams

We have extensive experience and expertise in team analysis, evaluation, intervention and development.

We can operate at the scale of a single team up to large scale networks of teams.

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Award winning impact including;

- accelerated change

- staff retention

- leadership confidence

- stress reduction

- improved networking 

- nationally relevant learning

- spread projects

- 99% satisfaction scores

Then there are the softer outcomes that people report, such as a felt sense of growth and an increased capability in managing challenge and complexity.

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We blend advanced understanding of Clinical, Organisational, and Personal development theory and practice, into bespoke designed programmes of enquiry and development.

Award-winning chartered Psychologists who lead national-scale enterprise and support others to do the same.

If you want to really feel change, we create the opportunity.

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