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The DDA supports practices to expand their ability to host and achieve digital transformation

Building team benefits out of the online consultation challenge

The DDA Project

The DDA project is funded by NHSE and delivered by  Devon STP and CCG with the support of UXC.

Aim: to drive online consultation usage in Primary Care through a team support and development model of capability building and learning.

The project is built on the ethos that innovation in Primary Care requires an environment of safety, support, capacity building and leadership development for every Primary Care Team.

Member GP practices of the DDA, currently benefit from:

  • Ring-fenced time to plan, share, collaborate and learn.

  • Shared learning and collaborative planning relating to digital transformation (online consultation).

  • Regular face-to-face project management support.

  • Bespoke packages of learning and support based on practice progress.

  • Psychological interventions to foster Psychologically Safe innovation spaces.

  • Change management training.

  • Leadership coaching (1-to-1 / group).

  • Financial support to support innovation hurdles.

  • Whole PCN collaborative working spaces (face to face) to support joined up working.

"The Devon Digital Accelerator project has been a breath of fresh air in a system that sometimes feels swamped with too many demands on the time of those working within it." 

GP, Devon

Express your Interest

The DDA project plans to offer enrolment to all GP practices in Devon, in early 2020.

Currently, the project is open to all of Plymouth practices.

Please provide details below to express your interest.  


For further information please contact the DDA project manager, Sian Bunce.


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