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Welcome to your CONNECT project evaluation

As part of our evaluation, we hope to record your team discussing their experiences of the technologies you have used, how you succeeded (or why you did not) and your experience of the CONNECT project.

To do this, we will need to interview key staff and also record team discussions.  

The questions below will help us to work out how best to do this, alongside your busy schedules.

We expect that we will need to record 3 conversations in your team, lasting roughly 25-30 minutes each.  These usually take place during team meetings, where we instruct you to discuss a few things and record this discussion.

We realise this could be tricky to fit into your existing demands, so will ask for some information now to work out how we can flexibility work around your team's availability.

For the three innovations listed below, please provide the name (and email) of the staff members you believe had the most experience in trying to implement and use them, in your practice: