We partner with you and transform 
the culture of change in your team(s) alongside leading a change challenge to success.


You get team engagement, spreadable success

and sustainability learning

The UXC Change Capability Model

UXC works alongside standard PDSA / Agile project management approaches, such as the repeated PDSA model below (common to innovation implementation approaches):

The Change Capability model adds significant value by supporting each PDSA cycle with a number of key additions:

1. Progress evaluation (live and interim)

2. Team learning extraction methods

3. Engagement & psychological safety creation

4. Change management leadership development


Teams experience project management that is psychologically safe, nurturing and repeatedly reflexive around what is being learned.  


​Substantial and sustainable success through change via...

  • increased team buy-in and engagement

  • trust in the project management team

  • a willingness to risk experiments

  • increased collaborative working

  • new between team links (for networks of teams)

  • explicitly stated experiences of safety and support

  • increased team skills (innovation and change leadership)

  • learning models to support implementation in other sites (e.g. NHS, schools, multi-site corporations)

  • Various reporting options to support project success, spread and sustainability.

We support small to large scale projects from a single team to large networks of teams.


NHS, Corporations and Public Sector.

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